Between 2015-18, Jon Dee hosted 115 episodes of Smart Money - a live weekly TV programme that aired in prime time on Sky News Business Channel.

The program showed businesses how sustainability, efficiency and innovation could improve their bottom line.

Since 2017, Jon has also done over 200 'Good News With Jon Dee' sustainability segments on ABC Radio.


In 1988 Jon founded the charity Rock Aid Armenia.

In 1991, Jon co-founded Planet Ark with his good friend Pat Cash and ran the organisation for 15 years.

In 2007, Jon and Pat then founded DoSomething with Tina Jackson. Jon is the Managing Director of the charity.

In 2013, Jon and Olivia Newton-John co-founded One Tree Per Child. Jon is the Global Chair of the initiative.


Every time an Australian switches on a light or washes their clothes they are affected by the changes that Jon has initiated.

In addition to driving the bans of incandescent light bulbs and phosphates in laundry detergents, Jon has played a key role in the banning of plastic bags and microbeads.

Jon and Olivia Newton-John co-founded Australia’s National Tree Day. When Jon and Olivia fronted the initiative, more than 10 million trees were planted.

Jon also started DoSomething Day, National Recycling Week, RecyclingNearYou, DoSomethingNearYou and National Op Shop Week.

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