Jon Dee's business guidebooks 'Sustainable Growth' and 'Energy Cut' have shifted 130,000 copies. Both books show how business sustainability can be good for the bottom line. They can be downloaded for free below.

Energy Cut

Energy Cut is a 20 step guide for people who want to cut their energy bills.

Published in 2015, Jon’s book helps businesses who want to save money and improve their bottom line. With high quality graphics and photos, the book explains all the basics of business energy efficiency.

Thanks to funding from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, you can download the book for free from here.

Sustainable Growth

Back in 2010, Sustainable Growth was a groundbreaking and influential book. It showed small to medium businesses the many different ways they could improve their sustainability performance.

Jon’s book showed that improving a company’s sustainability performance could also improve the bottom line. At the time that was quite a radical proposition. However, to back his arguments Jon included real world case studies that showcased the business benefits of being more sustainable.

This book can be downloaded for free from here.

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