Since 2010, Jon has given over 400 speeches in Australia and overseas.

His multi-media presentations cover topics such as innovation, efficiency and change management.

He also focuses on business sustainability solutions and community engagement. Jon can also develop customised speeches for clients.


Jon has MC'd major events, expos and industry awards.

With some of his MC work, Jon has interviewed guests for pre-event publicity. These interviews were then distributed through e-newsletters and social media to drum up event bookings.

Could he do the same for you?


Want something different for your event? Jon can interview your guest panels in a TV style format.

This can involve guests that are on-stage as well as guests that are brought in live via satellite or Net video.

In addition to creating an exciting live event, the interview video can also be distributed after the event.

Giving the keynote speech at a Sustainable Salons dinner event in Sydney

Filming a live chat at the Bristol Business Summit in front of 400 UK businesses

Speaking after being named 'Australian of the Year' in 2010 in NSW

At the Sydney Festival 'Sustainable Consumption' event sponsored by Unilever

Jon on the Sustainable Consumption panel

Speaking with his translator at the opening of the music school he helped to build in Gyumri in Armenia's earthquake zone

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