This is the Sky News promo for the 97th edition of ‘Smart Money with Jon Dee’ on Sky News Business Channel.

In this edition, I interviewed Clive Stiff the Chairman and CEO of Unilever Australasia about their successful Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. As an advocate for natural refrigerants, I was particularly happy to hear about their massive rollout of 20,000 Streets ice cream freezers that use natural refrigerants.  In addition to reducing freezer energy use by 10%, the natural refrigerants are also far better for the environment.

In this episode, I also did a live interview with Audrey Zibelman, the CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) about the upcoming changes to the Australian electricity system. It was good to see that she’s very much in favour of renewable energy, grid batteries and peak demand management. She’s also an advocate for “distributed energy”.

For more information on Audrey and her approach to energy, check out this Good Weekend article. The journalist rightly said that she could be “the most significant thing to affect Australia’s energy infrastructure since the carbon tax.”